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At Mobile Vehicle Network, we have made it our goal to stay ahead of the curve in vehicle network technology to give our valued clients a secure, cost-effective option for implementing and powering their mobile network. In a world where we are no longer bound to being inside buildings to be connected online, creating an in-vehicle network is sensible in many scenarios. When the technology was newer, it was mostly alluring in the business arena, but there has been a recent uptick of tech-minded consumers wanting this technology for personal use, to keep them connected on the go.

What We Can Do for You

Whether the vehicle in question is a family sedan, part of a public agency fleet, or a multi-passenger touring vehicle, we can outfit it with the desired connectivity and data plan that makes good financial sense and provides great coverage. Compared to a traditional office setting’s network solution, connecting a vehicle presents more challenges. Our team’s degree of combined experience and know-how enables us to confidently assure all clients that we will get them connected and keep them connected. Call Mobile Vehicle Network today to allow us to draft a personalized plan for your desired outcome.

When you come to us with a request for our services, we will evaluate the physical layout of your vehicle and your anticipated data usage before introducing you to a custom solution for stable and reliable connectivity away from the home and office. Our expertise equates to your peace of mind as you count on us to deliver and properly install the hardware required to meet your needs. Routers should be able to withstand extreme temps and must be secured properly with brackets capable of handling rough terrain. This is not a DIY project, and you have arrived at the foremost authority in equipping means of transportation with Internet service.

Why Mobile Vehicle Connectivity Makes Sense

In many instances, business owners cannot deny the benefits of having their fleet connected. Charter, shuttle and school busses are swiftly embracing the swing toward offering passengers Wifi as a service because in today’s world, commuters have come to count on entities they patronize to provide complimentary Wifi. No longer is it good enough to offer Internet access in only terminals or stations. Passengers seek to stay connected during travel, either for pleasure, or to work or study.

Outfitting personal vehicles with Wifi seems redundant at first glance, given the widespread ownership of smart phones. While some smart devices can serve as Wifi hotspots, such a device lacks the strong antennas that accompany in-vehicle solutions from Mobile Vehicle Network. Phone battery life and connecting multiple devices are non-issues when everyone traveling is not relying on a single mobile device’s capabilities. The connection with a vehicle network solution is stronger, meaning a more powerful signal for doing things like streaming movies. As parents attest to, this is a huge benefit during travel with children when multiple persons wish to be connected to the network.

Professional Services and Connectivity Benefits

In the realm of public agencies, such as law enforcement and emergency services, there is added security from the ability to stream video from interior and exterior vehicle security cameras. Video feeds can be monitored in real time from a remote location, which can assist public service entities in keeping their team safer in the field. When connected to a private network from us, police officers can check vehicle registration and driver licenses over a secure connection to state databases. Paramedics are able to access critical patient information while they are in route to the hospital, which aids in faster diagnosis.

Fleet enterprises take advantage of on-vehicle cameras and software featuring geo-fencing technology to stay abreast of their mobile assets and track behaviors such as location, speed and stops. In addition to granting a better means of assessing the behaviors of remote employees, this data also allows managers to gauge route efficiency and revamp routes for optimum effectiveness. Connected employees are able to rely on the same tools available in the office, when needed. Companies with sizable mobile workforces see an impressive ROI when outfitting their fleet with a network.

Expect to be impressed when learning all the ways a mobile network can accentuate your daily schedule, both personally and professionally. Vehicle networks for personal use are on the rise, and when aligning with trusted professionals, are simple to acquire. For businesses, we offer a wide range of services designed to maximize profitability. No matter what your end goal, please allow the qualified team at Mobile Vehicle Network to usher you into ownership of this sweeping technology.


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